As Design Mica Company

As Design Mica Co.
High quality mica intended for industry reinterpreted for artistry Mica is useful in assemblage, book arts, fiber, jewelry, metalwork, mixed media, scrap booking and sculpture.

Mica is a silicate mineral that separates easily into thin, strong, usually transparent layers. Natural muscovite mica is often a ruby color, but also green, smoke or dark amber and streaked and dotted with black markings. Composite mica is finely flaked natural mica formed into sheets with a binder usually shellac or sometimes resin. Most recognizable as the orange translucent material used for lampshades in Arts and Crafts style furnishings. Depending on the mica variety and the binder, composite mica is available in several colors, patterns and thicknesses.

I have been fascinated by mica since childhood, collecting bits and pieces of the mineral throughout my life. Nearly two decades ago I began using mica as elements in my books and over the years have included mica as windows, pages, book covers and embellishments. Mica in its various forms can be pierced with an awl, drilled, sewn, sawn, soldered, hammered, riveted, nailed, painted, stained, glued, blended, bent, folded, cut with scissors, utility knife, chisel or paper cutter. If you are interested in learning how to recognize mica in its various forms as well as how and when to use mica in your own projects please see the mica workshops that I offer. Mica Workshops

Although this mica was designed for specific uses for dozens of different businesses, my intention is to provide the highest quality and a wide variety of mica for creative purposes at a reasonable price.