Natural Mica

Natural mica (muscovite) is found in high silica rock deposits formed when lava cooled very slowly. It is often found in veins with feldspar, quartz, and semi-precious stones such as topaz, beryl, garnet and tourmaline. Mica is now mined primarily in India, but in the past it was mined in several other countries, including the U.S. The area around Spruce Pine, North Carolina, which includes the Penland School, once produced huge quantities of mica. Native Americans in the region used mica, and in 1878 a boom began when it was used as an insulator in the production of Thomas Edison’s electric motor. Mica is mined in chunks or books, which are split and trimmed, then further prepped with a knife or shears to remove edge cracks and defects. We accept, pay-pal, personal checks and money orders. Please visit my Etsy shop to purchase mica

Mica will be shipped by FLAT RATE PRIORITY via US POSTAL service.
Please click on the image to see more information. 6.75% sales tax within North Carolina.

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