Workshop Descriptions

For more than a decade, I have taught book arts all over the county in a variety of settings, including craft schools, universities, and art retreats. In all these courses, which have ranged in length from three hours to three months, my goal has been to educate, inspire, and enable people to be creative and appreciate book arts in a new way.

Please join me for a workshop at one of the many places I teach each year. I also offer private workshops from my working studio in Asheville.

The most popular selections I offer are the courses in my Wooden Book Workshop, which include the original Wooden Coptic Book, Greek and Centipede Binding, Back-to-Back, Ethiopian Appalachian, Painted Papyrus, Soft-Cover Coptic, Wooden Cover Mica Pages, and Altered Books.

I also teach a series of mica-related workshops: Sculptural Mica Book, Mica Cover, Hinged Mica, and Mica Techniques. Other popular offerings are Book-a-Day, Tool Making, Sewing Sampler, Window, and Closure Sampler.

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