Other Workshops


Participants learn to make five different book structures over the course of this workshop. The emphasis of the class will be low-tech: Participants will need few tools other than the basic bookbinding kit. Starting with an overview on various papers, participants will learn to tear text blocks and various folded book structures. The workshop will cover Coptic, longstitch, sewn tapes, folded, and hinged bindings. Each day we will concentrate on a different binding and material. We will work with handmade paper, leather, mica and other elements. Although our class projects will be small, participants will learn how to adapt some of structures into a sturdy, larger-format journal. Windows, inlays, and closures will also be addressed.

TINTYPE, 1-2 day workshop

WINDOW SAMPLER STUDY, 1-2 day workshop

CLOSURE SAMPLER STUDY, 1-2 day workshop

TOOLS, 1-5 day workshop

BACK TO BACK: COPTIC BINDING, 1-2 day workshop

BACK TO BACK: LONG STITCH, 1-2 day workshop

WEARABLE CENTIPEDE, 1 day workshop