Sculptural Mica Book

2-day workshop
$175 per day
Classes are limited to 2-4 students.

Mica, sometimes referred to as bookstone, is a silicate mineral found throughout the world. You will learn how to use and recognize both natural and composite forms of mica. This workshop will explore creating and collaging book pages made primarily from mica, pushing beyond using mica as just a small element in book arts. Our main focus will be manipulating composite mica used in the lampshade industry.  These sheets of mica come in several colors, depending on the variety of mica and the binder that holds the sheet together. We will construct our mica pages exploring various techniques that emphasize the unique qualities of mica.  I will teach an elegant Coptic binding, as well as hinging methods that will enable you to push your book into a more sculptural form.


All tools are available for workshop use as part of the Private Workshop fee. Please feel free to bring your own tools if you wish.

1-inch foam brush
Sturdy Scissors
Bone folders
Assorted binder clips
Fine line permanent black marker
Acrylic paints (few different colors)
Exacto or matte knife and blades
Cutting matte
¼ inch Flexcut palm chisel
Optional: Dremmel stylus (battery powered)


Materials included in the Scheduled Private Workshop fee:
Assortment of Mica, waxed linen thread, needles, drill bits, PVA glue


Thin or light weight collage materials: decorative papers, photos, insect wings, sheet music, old book pages, leaves, feathers, etc.  High contrast imagery generally works best. Some collage materials will be provided, however, personal collage materials that you collect and bring along is highly encouraged.


To sign up for this workshop please contact our workshop manager at